Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not see your question listed below, please just send us an email or call and speak with a Privia Health Membership Advisor at 888.774.8428.

Why is my doctor implementing a membership practice?

Top physicians implement membership practices in order to provide more personalized care to their patients, including having more time to focus on prevention and wellness. The select doctors invited to join Privia are uniquely committed to their patients, and are known for going “above and beyond” to make sure their patients get the best available care. The monthly membership fees enable these top physicians to have access to the latest technologies, and give them the tools needed to provide patients the highest levels of individual attention.

What if I change physicians and need to cancel my membership after a few months?

At Privia Health, we stand behind our membership service. If for any reason at all you are not completely satisfied, you may cancel your membership at any time.

Will my doctor continue to accept insurance?

Yes, unlike some doctors in the area, your doctor will continue accepting the same health insurance plans.

What happens if I do not join the membership practice?

Your doctor is committed to the membership practice model and is asking all current patients to join. If you do not join the membership practice at this time, you may still continue to see your doctor in the office and the doctor will not discriminate against you. That said, your doctor is serious about the importance of Privia to their practice, and is asking all patients to participate. Your doctor encourages any patients who cannot afford to join the membership practice to apply for a need-based reduced fee membership (see the following FAQ).

Can I wait and join later?

In order to provide the increased personal attention and personal wellness support to each patient, the doctor may limit the total number of memberships in their Privia membership practice. Memberships will be available on a first-come-first-served basis; therefore, your doctor encourages you to sign up today and begin taking advantage of the benefits the membership has to offer.

I’m pretty healthy and hardly ever go to the doctor. Why do I need this?

Privia memberships are designed to be equally beneficial whether your goals are remaining healthy, preventing disease, catching potential issues early, or maintaining a high quality of life while managing a chronic illness. Most healthcare services today focus primarily on “sick care” — Privia’s goal is keeping you healthy in the first place by helping you to proactively manage your health. When you do get sick, or are diagnosed with a serious disease, you’ll have confidence in knowing you have convenient access (via in-person, phone or email) to a top physician, to expert personal health advisors, and to Privia’s relationships with some of the best specialists and hospitals in the world.

Can I use my HSA or Flexible Spending Account to pay for Privia?

Often Privia Members can use their HSA or FSA to pay for their Privia Membership. Consult your plan administrator to confirm.

Does Privia Health replace my health insurance or Medicare?

No. Privia Health is a membership program that provides enhanced non-covered benefits on top of your health insurance plan or Medicare. Your doctor and your other healthcare providers will continue to bill you and/or your insurance or Medicare for any covered professional services provided to you. Only benefits not covered by your health insurance provider or Medicare are included in your Privia membership.

Please note, at this time, we cannot currently accept Independence Blue Cross patients into our Privia membership at their request. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Can you tell me more about the Privia Platinum membership plan?

In addition to all the benefits of the Privia Gold membership, Privia Platinum members receive annual in-person assessments and consultations with a top nutritionist & fitness advisor, a greater number of secure email/telephone consultations with your doctor, and unlimited coaching sessions from a dedicated Personal Health Advisor & Wellness Coach to help you proactively manage and coordinate your care.

Will my membership fees increase?

Privia is offering significantly discounted Membership pricing to existing patients for a limited time. The cost of a membership will increase over time — the earlier a patient joins, the better membership pricing they receive.

What if I cannot afford the monthly membership fee?

A limited number of reduced fee need-based memberships are available for qualified patients who cannot afford the monthly fee. Need based memberships generally follow HHS Federal Poverty Guidelines. To request an application form, please contact a Privia Membership advisor at 1-888-774-8428.